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Thermal Insulation

Finishes to customer requirements and high specification

Electrical Contracts

R.E.S. Ltd carry out all aspects of electrical installation within the specialist area of the sprinkler industry from Pre-action monitoring systems, flame detection, electric and diesel driven pumpsets to full life and building safety system.

Trace heating for frost protection

RES Ltd install Frost Protection Trace Heating to prevent freezing of essential sprinkler pipe-work protecting various buildings and complexes such as schools, hospitals, shopping-centres, warehouses and industrial buildings.

Leak Detection

R.E.S Ltd design and install leak detection systems from continuous liquid detection cable to point detection probe installation.

Sprinkler Pumphouses

We provide a sub-contract design, installation & commissioning service for all electrical matters relating to sprinkler pumphouse electrics;

  • Life safety value monitoring
  • Custom built panels to LPC, NFPA and FM requirements
  • Pre action and deluge systems
  • Addressable and conventional alarm monitoring systems
  • Zonecheck and keyswitch assembly wiring